10 Tips For The Best Harley Quinn Cosplay

Harley has a unique origin for a comics character in that she wasn’t originally a comic book character at all. She was first seen in Paul Dini and Bruce Timm’s much-loved Batman: The Animated Series in the 1992 episode ‘The Joker’s Favor’ as one of the titular bad guy’s henchpeople, dressed in a harlequin clothing and sporting a piercing New York accent courtesy of starlet Arleen Sorkin.

She proved so popular she was made into a recurring character, which often discovered herself kicked out by ‘Mister J.’ On one such celebration, she became buddies with Poison Ivy – another pairing that would recur throughout her history.

Harley Quinn Cosplay

Harley Quinn Cosplay

It is already proving incredibly popular in the land of Cosplay, with Margo Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Jared Leto’s Joker being favorites. Both characters are represented in an extremely different method to how they have been seen in the media before but lots of think they now appear extremely modern-day instead of stuck in the past. This is the very first-time creators have gone away from the “traditional” Harlequin-type costume for Harley Quinn. Even in the Batman: Arkham series, she is still quite identifiable in a black and red leather ensemble.

Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn wears a white leather choker with the word “Puddin” in gold letters. Yes, there are lots of available on places like Ebay, but if you wish to save your cash, there are methods of making one yourself. All you require is a white foam sheet or a piece of broad white elastic and some velcro to do it up. The gold lettering can be done with a gold foam sheet. All these things would be available at your local hobby shop.

Next, is her t-shirt. Once again, you can buy this currently made from any great online retailer however what’s the fun because huh? You have to obtain a white t-shirt (ideally long sleeves), some red material paint, and either “Daddy’s Lil Monster” material transfer printed out or a black fabric pen. Now, utilizing a Harley photo as a guideline, you need to define where the motto is going to go and where you are going to paint the shirt red. There are two red lines on the sleeves too so don’t forget that. As soon as that’s done and you’ve painted the top, you have to get rough and cut the collar of the t-shirt off, and the hem of the sleeves and make some holes in the belly part. Make it look a bit tatty.


Cosplay Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn has bleached blonde hair with pink and blue ends. If you do not want to alter your hair then, naturally, you can purchase a wig which currently has all the color done for you. However if you wish to make the modification a bit more long-term, any great drug store will sell the hair bleach, and you can pick up semi-permanent hair color or colored hairspray. In the past, I have used the Directions Semi-Permanent hair color (used blue for a Sonic cosplay). Although they remain in the UK, they do deliver Worldwide, or you can find comparable in your country.

Once you have made your hair into bunches and had the colors you want, make certain that you have a red and blue piece of ribbon to wrap around the hair ties. They go on the corresponding sides to the color.

Harley Quinn Cosplay Costume

You don’t have stitching experience or a design degree. You haven’t taken comprise classes or engineering courses. Well, the truth is, Youtube is your greatest ally. Honestly, any concerns you may have on the development side of it can be found on Youtube. I’ve looked up my reasonable share of plaster demos, and scar comprises tutorials. If you begin basic with a somewhat easy cosplay, you can find out the basic skills involved and be right on your way. When you get one or two cosplays behind you and are feeling comfy, that’s when you go huge and start genuinely experimenting.Trust me, the work you put in will appear in the final product. Even if your design is flawed and you do not have the best products for the task, your fellow cosplayers will see the quantity of effort and value your costume, however.

Sexy Harley Quinn

Sexy Harley Quinn Costume

Detail can make or break a good cosplay. It’s the little things that truly make the distinction in a cosplay that blends into the crowd or one that splits the crowd. The addition of artificial nails or blue contacts; the engravings on a sword or period-accurate tailoring; these small things can include just a smidgen of taste, making your cosplay that much more involving than others of the same character. They do not need to be big things. Not every cosplay needs to be Optimus Prime or a Big Daddy. Including the smallest of details will make other adoring fans euphoric and passers-by satisfied. Study your character– everything about them– and you will not just be dressed as them but in people’s eyes, become them.

Harley Quinn might be the most popular character divided by the time she’s remained in the general public eye ever. Her popularity and the unabashed and untamed fanaticism behind this character is mind boggling. Individuals die for her. Individuals connect with and enjoy this character beyond any understanding and logic. She has truly blown up in the public eye.


The boundaries of cosplay are unlimited. The fun is plentiful. Trust me, when you get into the trenches of cosplay and feel your hands producing imaginary characters in the real world, all the work and hours on Youtube will deserve it. Cosplay is fantastic, my friends. It’s not just for the hardcore fan’s or the “real fans” (Gosh I hate that term), it’s for everybody. If you’ve ever wanted to occupy a character or walk a mile in some fictional shoes, cosplay is the method to.


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